2019 OCP Global Summit


地点: San Jose, CA, USA

雅特生科技的展台: D7 - San Jose Convention Center


Artesyn to Showcase Hyperscale Power Solutions at Open Compute Project Global Summit

At the Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit 2019, Artesyn Embedded Technologies will showcase its power solutions for hyperscale and cloud computing data centers, which focus on optimizing efficiency and power density from the power cord to the chip. The products on show range from rack-scale power shelves through AC-DC power supplies and on-board DC-DC power modules and power ‘stamps.’

Artesyn will be exhibiting in booth D7 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California.

Artesyn offers high efficiency and high density off-the-shelf power supplies for industry-accepted standard form factors that are used in servers, storage, and networking switches. The company has also developed power modules designed for the Open CloudServer (OCS), Open Data Center Committee (ODCC, formerly Project Scorpio), Microsoft’s Project Olympus architectures, Open Rack V2, OCP-compatible infrastructure, and custom hyperscale applications.

Artesyn is a founder member of the Power Stamp Alliance (PSA), which aims to create collaboratively generated standard specifications for 48V-to-low-voltage on-board DC-DC power converters. These 48V direct conversion DC-DC modules - or ‘power stamps’ - primarily target high-performance servers and storage systems.

Artesyn is collaborating with Virtual Power Systems (VPS) to apply VPS Software-Defined Power® to Artesyn power shelves to benefit hyperscale and large data center deployments. Through peak shaving, phase balancing, and dynamic redundancy, customers benefit from increased data center efficiency and capacity, maximizing their infrastructure utilization. Artesyn and VPS have published a white paper that discusses the ways a software-addressable power shelf coupled with intelligent software benefits both hyperscale and large data center environments.

Artesyn’s senior director of technical marketing, Harry Soin, will deliver a presentation in the Rack and Power track at OCP Global Summit. The presentation will provide updates to the challenges of current sharing and dynamic behaviour with a focus on peak loading and thermal aspects of interoperability. Harry is chair of the OCP Rack and Power Interoperability Subcommittee, which is tasked with developing multi-vendor interoperability specifications.

Date: Mar 15, 2019 (Friday)

Time: 3:30pm

Track: Rack and Power

Topic: Challenges and Solutions in Multi-Vendor Interoperability

The 2019 Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit will be held on March 14-15 at the San Jose Convention Center. The annual Summit brings together more than 3,400 key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers and suppliers. Together, they help grow, drive and support the open hardware ecosystem in, near and around the datacenter and beyond.

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