50V, 3kW, Open Rack Rectifier

For 18kW & 36kW Open Rack V3 Power Shelves

Artesyn Embedded Power introduces a 18kW Power Shelf and 36kW Power Shelf which houses 6x3000W PSUs. The PSU is a highline single phase AC-DC power supply that converts 200Vac~277Vac single-phase line into a 50V/60A (3kW) main output. Output DC Voltage range is narrow to eliminate oversize design and enable 4:1 ratio and downstream 12V POL loads.

See also: 50V, 18kW, 1OU Open Rack Power Shelf
See also: 50V, 18kW, 2OU Open Rack Power Shelf

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  • 最大总功率:
    3,000 W
  • 最大总电流:
    62 A
  • 输入电压:
    180 V to 305 V
  • 输出电压:
    50 V 至 50 V
  • 输出路数:
  • 尺寸(长 x 宽 x 高):
    20.472" x 2.894" x 1.575"
  • Greater than 96.5% efficiency from 240-277V AC Input with 30-100% load (peak efficiency of 97.5%)
  • 200Vac to 277Vac input
  • Active current sharing
  • OCP compliant
  • Hot pluggable PSUs
  • Status LEDs for fault monitoring
  • 48V fixed on battery test operation



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