DS2400SPE Series

2400 Watts Distributed Power System

The DS2400SPE series power supply features an input range of 90-140 Vac, and 180-264 Vac. It employs active power factor correction to minimize input harmonic current distortion and to ensure compliance with the international EN61000-3-2 standard - they have a power factor of 0.99 at full load. The power supplies also feature active AC inrush control, to automatically limit inrush current at turn-on to 45 A maximum.

The power supply employs an ultra high efficiency conversion topology, together with an innovative power transformer and rectifier construction that further improves power density and reduces interconnect power losses. Users have a choice of standard I2C or advanced PMBusTM communications. The control software runs under Windows on any standard PC, and uses a highly intuitive graphical user interface to simplify power supply set-up.

The DS2400SPE series can deliver up to 196.72 A (at high line) from its main 12Vdc output, and up to 3.5 A from its 12 Vdc standby output. The form factor is 1U and can be used in single or in redundant configurations.

DS2400SPE series complies with 80plus Platinum Efficiency, its efficiency achieves 94% at 230Vac with 50% full load.
Universal PMBus GUI Software Package

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  • 最大总功率:
    2,400 W
  • 最大总电流:
    196.7 A
  • 输入电压:
    90 V to 264 V
  • 输出电压:
    11.4 V 至 12.8 V
  • 输出路数:
  • 尺寸(长 x 宽 x 高):
    7.736" x 3.400" x 1.574"
  • 保修期
    2 years
  • 工作温度:
    0 to +50 C

Electrical Specifications

  • Input
  • Output
  • Efficiency: 94.0% peak
  • Hold-up Time: 11ms at 95% load
  • Power Factor: >0.9, beginning at 20% load
  • Input Range: 90-140 Vac: 2400 W
  • Input Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz
  • Input Range: 180-264 Vac: 1400 W



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