Targeting a diverse range of applications, including instrumentation, data communication, telecommunication and computer peripheral equipment, industrial automation and mobile battery-powered systems, the compact form factor of the ATA series minimizes occupied board space and offers very high power density.


Enables users to save a slot and achieve a single high power output at much lower cost than was previously possible'

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A telecom equipment manufacturer selected Artesyn's LGA80D digital DC-DC power module to support a powerful processor for the processing unit in its latest optical transmission equipment to meet the coming demands of 5G networks.


Designated µMP09, the new enclosure supports a maximum power output of 550 watts at 85-180 Vac and 1100 watts and 80-263 Vac. The new hold-up module is designed for high-reliability applications and enables the supply to continue providing power for a period of time if the input power is interrupted.

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